Through Enerjisa Acceleration Program, we are shaping the future of energy industry together! Join Enerjisa Distribution Company and Viveka and get support with a budgeted PoC, communication and collaboration assistance, and specialized trainings and mentorship focused on enabling startups in the energy industry!
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7 Mayıs 2021
14 May 2021

About Program

Organized by Enerjisa Distribution Companies and carried out by Viveka, "İvme Start-Up Acceleration Program" is an acceleration program aiming to support initiatives that make an impact on the energy industry.

This program, in collaboration with 'Enerjisa Distribution Companies' aims to support entrepreneurs;

- Generate and present solutions to present problems of the energy industry
- Discuss and explore future opportunities
- Develop and grow new enterprises with solutions that can be easily adapted and scaled in times of crisis.

Who can Benefit from the Program ?

Technology start-up’s and teams with prototypes and MVP’s providing solutions to energy storage, energy efficiency, energy distribution, micro grids, health and safety, cyber security, sales and customer satisfaction and many other domains related to industrial digitalization.


Başvurular ve Tanıtım Etkinlikleri

Kabul Edilen Ekiplerin Duyurulması!

Hızlandırma Programı


Enerjisa Hızlandırma Programı Tanıtım Webinarı

Enerjinin Geleceği Online Buluşmaları


Başvuruları kabul edilen ekiplerin duyurulması ve bilgilendirilmesi

Innovation Execution Workshop (IEW)

Seçilen takımlarla, Enerjisa inovasyon uzmanlarının birlikte yatırım notu ve PoC yol haritası hazırlayacağı 1 günlük online etkinlik sürecini kapsar

Enerjisa ve Viveka ekibi ile teknik ve iş geliştirme mentorlukları.

Takımların PoC süreçlerinin yönetilmesinin desteklenmesi

6 hafta boyunca eğitim alıp mentorları ile projelerini geliştirmeye başlamış, PoC süreçlerini ilerletmiş takımlarla, yatırımcılar ve Enerjisa yönetiminin bir araya geleceği Demo Günü etkinliğini kapsar.


To be announced soon...
Focus Areas and Technologies
1.Remote control solutions (exp. AMR readers)
2.Customer lifecycle & stakeholder analysis software
3.Health and Safety solutions in field control and repair
4.Physical and Cybersecurity solutions
1. Predictive debt risk analysis and solutions
2. Banking, payment and financial integration solutions for customers
3. Consumption tracking and prediction solutions
4. Customer satisfaction and reward solutions
1. Route optimization solutions for field operations.
2. Time sensitive asset management solutions.
3. Solutions increasing field operators comfort and safety
4. Smart city management solutions
5. Solutions easing access to public services
6. Field operations data management and analysis solutions
1. Activity tracking in high voltage areas
2. Video processing solutions focused on health and safety of field operators
3. Drone technologies enabling identification of field influences affecting infrastructural operations
1. Problem identification using satellite imaging.
2. Inventory tracking and analysis using drone technologies.
3. Stock management on transformers and similar inventories
1. Solar Energy production predictive technologies
2. Low-cost budget applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?
Startups with technologies and prototypes of their product can apply and join the program for customer validation.
How are applications evaluated?
Applications are evaluated based on their potential benefit to the challenges shared in the announcements, collaboration opportunities, team capabilities, potential markets, and commercialization potential.
How can joining the program benefit you?
Program aims to benefit startups applying by helping them test their products with actual users and develop their business model. In case of having or developing prototypes into MVP, startups are supported in increasing their sales and scaling through introductions to local and international investment and partner organizations.